I have been seeing Dr. Ritter for awhile now, and today was my first visit to his new center. At first i was a little dis-heartened to learn he had moved from his usual office, but after today, i was "wow'ed". Not only was the office clean,inviting and the atmosphere relaxed, the staff was made up of EVERYONE i remembered from the old location! Dr. Ritter himself is truly an outstanding and caring doctor to all of his patients. Both of my parents see him as well as myself and not only did he restore my dad's wonderful smile, but tended to my mom's tooth pain and my own. In short, he is a sensational dentist to see and i look forward to seeing him again for many years to come.
D Pagé

Love the new website! It is so well done, very informative and user friendly. Everyone looks great and it's nice that you provide a bit of professional background on each person. You all make up a fantastic team!

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent care that you and all your staff provided to me over the past number of weeks. I was very impressed with both the professional and friendly atmosphere throughout the office, and I am so happy that I chose to come there.

Thanks again!

Don Creedon

Feb 24, 2013

I love everything about Ritter Dental Centre..the girls in the front are very friendly, the dental hygienist are also very friendly and comforting and Dr. Ritter is an amazing dentist who will talk you through step by step whatever procedure you are having, and will try to do whatever he can for you to make your teeth healthy as well as yourself feel better.

Connie Olimb
3 months ago

hello,all the other cleaning that I have had,usually have left me in discomfort for many hours,however this time,i never felt a thing.Tara is by far the best hygeinest I have seen.thanks

Brad Hicks

Apr 24, 2013
excellent!!!!! very friendly staff. who knew going to the dentist could be such a pleasant experience- they exceed my expectations. I think you are an amazing group of individuals who treat my husband and myself as well as our 3 boys with respect worthy of acknowledgement

Kim Woloshen

Apr 15, 2013

Everyone is so happy, and everyone, is concerned, even with my concerns of having to drive in a blizzard snow storm. Even Dr. Ritter talked about my cottage, and not just business. He is the best I have ever had for a dentist, and I am sixty-six

Doug Abraham

I had an awesome experience. Dr.Ritter and his team are fantastic. Thank you so much for making my smile worth showing off. I can be proud of smiling without putting my hand over my mouth! It is so amaZing!!!

Carrie Gibson, Ashern, MB

Thank you for making my smile beautiful again, see you folks in a few weeks, mrs Thorvaldson and dr Ritter are an awesome team

- 18 days ago

Excellent service, staff, atmosphere, and care.
Having an appointment at Ritter dental really is painless and their staff are exceptional.
Sean Mcbean
- 21 days ago

It was a good appointment. Staff and Dr. Ritter are great.
and who doesn't love a new toothbrush and toothpaste :)

Joanne Comeault
- 2 months ago

Friendly, knowledgeable staff ... always an enjoyable experience.

Lilillan Klausen
- 2 months ago

My dental phobias are recognized and dealt with empathy,understanding, patience,and great technical skill . Dr Ritter is a craftsman with a gentle touch. The assistants and care coordinators are very friendly and compassionate and go above and beyond to make dental appointments as comfortable as possible. Thank you all for helping to remove the fear and stress from dental visits and for making my smile a happy one!
Thanks to all for making my visits less frightening...I am looking forward to the completion of my dental work so I can head off on my next adventures with a big happy smile on my face!!

Laima Parker
- 2 months ago

the staff are very polite, helpful and effecient

Ray Hince
- 2 months ago

Always a blast and taken care of very well by the Ritter team.

Carla Simard
- 3 months ago

Friendly staff who take time to explain things.

Henry Wong
- 3 months ago

The staff at the office are awesome and very caring.Dr.Ritter is just amazing with all patients and his staff. The best place to come to! Thankyou


Excellent service!!!

Kati Yakubov

Very positive experience as per usual

Cynthia Angus

only been there twice but so far all is good. Friendly staff and very accomodating. Have not really had too much conversation with Dr Ritter other than the issue at hand but he seems very professional and polite. I guess finding a new dentist after 40 years with Dr Spiegal will take some time for the adjustment to happen

William Wickstrom

Friendly and professional service from the dental hygienist and Dentist. It was very friendly and comfortable for my first visit in the office. Suggestions and advice were given to improve my dental health.


I was a little nervous as I don't like medical procedures. The staff were very understanding and kind.

Angella Mclaughlan

Very satisfactory

Aaron Bickerstaff

I do find this practice the most personable practice of any type that I have been to. My visit was extremely pofessional and pleasant as usual. All the staff are fantastic


it is good job.


Front Desk people were more like a great customer service team. Tara was efficient and quick while causing me no discomfort during my teeth cleaning. My mouth felt great afterwards. I find Dr.Ritter to be very professional , knowledgeable , and personable. Based on my experience I would have no hesitation sending my family and friends to this office.

- 2 weeks ago
Ritter Dental Centre


Thank you so much for taking the time to do the survey! We really appreciate it and are thankful to have you as such a great patient!

Everyone at Ritter Dental Centre is so nice and friendly. Dr. Ritter and his assistant Christy are very gentle. Great experience as always.


I had my regular teeth cleaning appointment on Wednesday....It was great...........Emma is so gentle I could fall asleep in the chair, except the conversation is to interesting........k​eep up the great work!!!


Very clean and great service. Friendly staff


Staff & Dentist very friendly and accommodating.


Great Experience ... as far as the dentist goes. Welcoming staff and modern, up to date facility. Like the work done as well as the distraction of TV!


Dr R did what had to be done in a timely and efficient manner as ever. Always explaining what he was doing and why. Great service, thank you. Ps tell Doc, it's ok to use his clients name it makes it more personal.


My experience was excellent as it usually is. Dentist is great and all the girls are fabulous.


was seen same day on short notice, everything went well, tooth is fine


The staff are friendly and professional. A pleasant surprise was that each dental bay had a TV. For me, being able to watch TV helped to distract me during the dental procedure that was being done which in turn helped to alleviate my stress level. I also liked the fact that x-rays are done digitally so as to minimize the amount of x-rays one is exposed to during such procedures. This dental office is quite far from where I live but due to the staff and confidence I have in Dr. Ritter, for me, it's worth the time it takes to go to this practice.

Brenda Kuschak

I was seeing Dr. Ritter to have a problem with a tooth rectified since I was experiencing tooth sensitivity when eating certain foods. I wasn't too sure that the tooth he was planning on fixing was in fact the source of the pain but much to my surprise, after the procedure and recovery, my sensitivity has disappeared.

Thank you for fixing my tooth sensitivity problem! I won't doubt Dr. Ritter again with regards to which tooth is causing the issue. :-)

Brenda Kuschak

As always I had a fantastic visit!! Emma is the best!!


Emma and Dr R are always friendly and smiling. Thank u

Rick Pizzi

Excellent. You folks are all so kind. I have been coming to your Dental Office since you opened. Never a problem. Plus, if I have to see or talk to Dr. Ritter, with in a few moments I am in a chair. The staff always have time for me, and with the biggest smiles ever !!!

Doug Abraham

If any of you folks are ever in Phoenix I always have a beer in the fridge. We can sit out at the pool.


i like it here , wonderful experience


Was the most amazing dental experience of my life (and I had two fillings). I walked into the office and got seated within 2 minutes. Dr. Ritter was waiting for me and started working right away. He was super friendly and concerned that I was comfortable. Then to my amazement I was done in 28 minutes (including payment, etc.).


Dr. Ritter & the staff are the very best. Excellent

Doug Abraham

Professional friendly, fave dental centre

Stephanie, Winnipeg, MB

the staff is so accommodating and pleasant

Ray Hince

Would recommend this clinic to my family and friends. A professional and courteous service. All staff are friendly providing information and answer questions appropriately.


We have been going to Dr. Ritter for over 11 years. We were happy to move with him and proud of him as he started his own business. Our daughter's first appointment with him was at the age of 8 month. She just had gums no teeth. Now that I think back, thanks Dr. Ritter for always caring for us with exceptional professionalism. We have been extremely pleased with our family's care. I would also like to note, that the care that we receive from his support staff is phenomenal. The ladies make sure that you are comfortable and they also take the time to ensure that you fully understand any procedure that is current or needed in the future. When you walk into Dr. Ritter's Dental office, you will first be welcomed by the genuine smiles of the ladies in the front office. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. When you get to the clinical part of office, you will find state of the art equipment and a T.V. above every chair.

Derek Sabourin

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Dr. Ritter and his team over at the Ritter Dental Centre. I recently had an extraction, temporary bridge and permanent bridge all done within a two week span. The service was incredible. The staff were so knowledgeable and understanding with all of my concerns and questions I brought forth. The ease of insurance claims and being able to get in as soon as I could, all made for a great experience. My teeth look and feel beautiful and amazing. The results of the permanent bridge, I could not be more happy with. Thank you Dr. Ritter for your efficiency and patience!

Jennifer Kremski

As per usual, the care that I received is phenomenal. I would recommend Dr. Ritter and his staff to everyone I know. The office staff truly and naturally care about your well being. Along with their genuine care, is true professionalism. Dr. Ritter ensured that his patients are receiving the most up to date and current dental care. The medical office has state of the art medical equipment. This allows for the most anxious patient to feel at ease when walking into his facility. I appreciate the current technology as it gives me a visual understanding. I like how the staff take the time to thoroughly explain procedures and what to expect. I hate going to the dentist, but I love the care, professionalism and respect that I receive from the time I arrive to the time that I leave. I also appreciate that if my family or I require medical care after hours our needs will be met as there is an after hours emergency phone number.
Joanne Sabourin

Was the most amazing dental experience of my life (and I had two fillings). I walked into the office and got seated within 2 minutes. Dr. Ritter was waiting for me and started working right away. He was super friendly and concerned that I was comfortable. Then to my amazement I was done in 28 minutes (including payment, etc.).


I could not ask for better service

Ray Hince

Exceptional service and staff. They make my dental experiences less stressful. Keep up the great jobs!

Aline Giesbrecht

Love you guys, thanks for making me feel so comfortable and at ease (well as at ease as possible for someone who is extremely stressed when having to visit a Dental office). Thanks again. Aline

The friendly staff made a big difference during my wisdom teeth extraction. I was very glad to have Dr. Ritter and Mandy be the ones working on my teeth. They made the otherwise uncomfortable procedure much more tolerable. I will be coming back for future teeth needs.
Jeff Fulton

The staff at Ritter dental centre are professional, caring and super friendly! Myself and my family love going there :)

Christina Thorwesten

Always find it such a pleasure to attend your office! Dr. R is always so quick and knows his stuff!! The staff are always smiling and so helpful!

Theresa Grossman

Service is always prompt and the staff are friendly and helpful. The time in the chair passes quickly between the access to viewing your choice of TV channels and engaging (as best you can!) in pleasant conversation with the efficient and sensitive Dental Hygienists. Dr. Ritter's exams are thorough but efficient. Direct billing to your insurance provider and coordination of benefits makes life much easier too!
I love working with Emma whenever I have an appointment scheduled ... she, along with all your staff, are so friendly and professional ... kudos to all of them!
Lisa Green

Great caring, friendly, professional service as usual. Thanks

Dr. A. Ritter & all the staff, are the very best. I have been seeing Dr. Ritter for about ten years now, and I have no intention of going any where else.


i like going to Ritter Dental Centre, my hygienist is awesome

As always, it was perfect as a dental experience can be!! Prompt, friendly, the staff are always smiling - it's as good as it gets.
Judy Kidd

Thanks for your sensitivity to my fears and challenges when visiting your office, staff takes excellent care of me and does not condescend because of my challenges when having dental work done. Great Job.

Thanks again, Aline

Awesome service in a friendly atmosphere !


It was a great experience. Everyone was very friendly and efficient. I would recommend this office to everyone!


I've always found Dr. Ritter and his team to be very professional yet personable. He has always addressed any concerns that I have in a timely and thoughtful manner, fully explaining what he is doing and why. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist.
Brenda Kuschak

My experience with Ritter Dental Centre begins at the front door. The reception is always extremely pleasant and it continues with the dental assistants. Dr. Ritter has a very professional manner and always makes sure that you're comfortable. I believe his knowledge in his field makes him an excellent dentist.

Roy Mackin

Dr. Ritter is lucky to have incredible staff who are always friendly and helpful. My smile looks good because of all their hard work. Thank you.
Rishma Chooniedass

Every time our family has our appointments we are pleasantly greeted by the wonderful staff. They are always friendly and it is a pleasure going to the dentist.

Heather Zajac

As always exceptional customer service and great staff. Thanks for making my dental appointments less stressful and for caring about my well being. Aline

Always a great experience!
Eric Admiraal

Was my first visit. Staff friendly and nice to talk to. Very comfortable environment in the office and cool high tech equipment. Renald Johnson

I am always put at ease when I arrive, even if I am a few minutes late. You guys (all of you) are so calm and kind! I have always been told that it is impossible to be perfect, your practice disproves that statement. I'm sure you aren't really perfect, but you come awfully close.
The calm, friendly atmosphere of this Dental practice makes you forget you're in a Dentists office. Everything in the space is designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The Doctor warns you if there might be a pinch, otherwise, there is little to no pain. Discomfort of any kind is dealt with right away. My physical limitations have always been respected and taken into consideration. I really do recommend anyone to give this Dental office a try - you won't go anywhere else ever again, and, best of all, your fear of going to the Dentist will be a thing of the past!
Lucinda Page

My daughters and I look forward to our appointments. Always feel welcome and very well taken care of. Going to Ritter Dental is relaxing!The kids feel special and have never been afraid to go to the dentist
Diane Wilkes

great service, wonderful environment and friendly staff

Gloria Trithart

Your whole team is great!!!!Professional and friendly
Anna Caron

My hygenist was awesome !
Todd Thornton

All of you are so nice. My two toddlers weren't nervous at all. You know how to make their experience special.
Michelle Silastre

Mandy was awesome!!! Thanks for everything...
Troy Mask

Everyone at this clinic is very friendly and professional. The service me and my family have received over last couple of years has been excellent. All questions relating to procedures were fully answered.
Nicole Laliberte

Everyone at the office is awesome!! Emma is the best hygienist ever!!!
Carrie Gibson